JANE FONDA - The Private Life of a Public Woman

Bosworth goes behind the image of an American superwoman, revealing Jane Fonda—more powerful and vulnerable than ever expected—whose struggles for high achievement, love, and successful motherhood mirror the conflicts of a generation of women.

In the hands of this seasoned, tenacious biographer, the evolution of one of the century’s most controversial and successful women becomes nothing less than a great, enthralling American life.

Jane Fonda emerged from a heartbreaking Hollywood family drama to become a ’60s onscreen ingénue and then an Oscar-winning actress. At the top of her game she risked all, rising against the Vietnam War and shocking the world with a trip to Hanoi. Later, while becoming one of Hollywood’s most committed feminists, she financed her husband Tom Hayden’s political career in the ’80s with exercise videos that began a fitness craze and brought in millions of dollars. Just as interesting is Fonda’s next turn, as a Stepford Wife of the Gulfstream set, marrying Ted Turner and seemingly walking away from her ideals and her career.

Fonda’s is a story of the blend of deep insecurity, magnetism, bravery, and determination that fuels the most inspiring and occasionally infuriating public lives. Finally here is Fonda and all the women she’s been.

"Bosworth's coverage of Fonda...is as epic as the life that she chronicles. Reading to savor." - Kirkus, starred


Anything your little heart desires: AN american Family Story

Through the prism of her father's life as a lawyer and well-known political activist, Patricia Bosworth sheds light on an important era in modern American history -- from the heady, hope-filled days of Roosevelt's New Deal to the dawn of the Cold War.

In the course of a remarkable career, Bartley Crum represented movie stars and labor leaders, advised presidents and presidential hopefuls, emerged as a key figure in the creation of Israel, and became a forceful voice for civil rights. But when his defense of the Hollywood Ten made him a target of the FBI's andcommunist hysteria, public pressures and personal demons brought his once-charmed life to a tragic end. Interweaving public and private vignettes, his daughter's memoir re-creates Crum's life and times with rare and moving honesty.

"A memorable and moving book about a man—indeed, a family—of Fritzgeraldian proportions—a distinguished and gripping American saga". - Todd Gitlin, Chicago Tribune

"Consider this beautiful, saddening book on a par with Theodore Dreiser's An American Tragedy...It is an extraordinary document...written with blood and tears". - Carolyn See, The Washington Post Book World

"Extraordinary...as beautifully written as any memoir I have ever read". - Charles Kaiser, The New York Observer



Diane Arbus became famous for her intimate and unconventional portraits of twins, dwarfs, sideshow performers, eccentrics, and everyday “freaks.” Condemned by some for voyeurism, praised by others for compassion, she was nonetheless a transformative figure in twentieth-century photography and hailed by all for her undeniable genius. Her life was cut short when she committed suicide in 1971 at the peak of her career.

In the first complete biography of Arbus, author Patricia Bosworth traces the arc of Arbus’s remarkable life: her sheltered upper-class childhood and passionate, all-consuming marriage to Allan Arbus; her roles as wife and devoted mother; and her evolution from fashion photographer to critically acclaimed artist—one who forever altered the boundaries of photography. 

"Haunted, disturbing... Bosworth brought us tantalizing close to her subject." - Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, New York Times

“A biography that seems to have more than enough material for several art legends. Patricia Bosworth has created a spellbinding portrait." - Andrew Helleran, New York Magazine


Montgomery Clift

From the moment he leapt to stardom with the films Red River and A Place in the Sun, Montgomery Clift was acclaimed by critics and loved by fans. Elegant, moody, and strikingly handsome, he became one of the most definitive actors of the 1950s, the first of Hollywood’s “loner heroes,”  a group that includes Marlon Brando and James Dean.

In this affecting biography, Patricia Bosworth explores the complex inner life and desires of the renowned actor. She traces a poignant trajectory: Clift’s childhood was dominated by a controlling, class-obsessed mother who never left him alone. He developed passionate friendships with Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor in spite of his closeted homosexuality. Then his face was destroyed after a traumatic car crash outside Taylor’s house. He continued to make films, but the loss of his beauty and subsequent addictions finally brought the curtain down on his career.

Stunning and heartrending, Montgomery Clift is a remarkable tribute to one of Hollywood’s most gifted—and tormented—actors.

“An amazing excursion into a life.” - The New York Times Book Review

“The definitive work on the gifted, haunted actor.” - Los Angeles Times

“The best film star biography in years.” - Newsweek

“Here it is—the real thing—inside Montgomery Clift. I’ve known other actors as well, but none with such a harrowing tale. I kept wondering, could Patricia Bosworth have been there? Everywhere? The book is that vivid and intimate.” - Elia Kazan


Marlon Brando

In 1948 Marlon Brando stunned audiences and critics alike with his revolutionary, raw, and improvisational approach to acting. He became a symbol of a new, rebellious generation that was sick of conventions and committed to genuine emotion and unvarnished truth. From his breakout role as Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire to his mesmerizing portrayal of Don Corleone in The Godfather, he created some of the most memorable characters in American cinematic history. Brando was a paradox—intensely private but using his fame to promote worthy causes, a womanizer who clung to his childhood friends and animals. He was one of the most fiercely independent stars ever. In this book, acclaimed biographer Patricia Bosworth peels away Brando’s many layers, revealing the struggles, triumphs, and relentless ambition that transformed the irrepressible farm boy from Nebraska into a legend of American cinema.

“Patricia Bosworth is well-versed in the capricious world of Hollywood, and she brings her considerable knowledge to this illuminating and entertaining memoir.” - The Observer

“From reluctant idol to falling star, this is the story of a complex man who changed the face of film acting.” - The Sunday Telegraph